Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival main pic

"Love the Farm, Leave No Trace"!

Well, I have to be brutally honest and say that this has NOTHING to do with anything anybody has ever seen or experienced before – for all of us Festival junkies out there!

Arriving after almost 2,5 hours by train, in the middle of - basically nowhere – a field called Worthy Farm, first thing that comes into mind is : "why the hell am I here, with all these people, under the rain, whereas I could be on a beautiful Greek beach enjoying the early summer sun?"... Well, the question is answered within minutes after we enter the tickets area, wearing our precious Hospitality area wristbands and we become part of the whole experience...

Music is constantly coming from all different directions, one can see colourful tents and thousands of peoples' heads just moving around, up to the hills...After settling down in our tiny, coloured mini-houses (sleeping bags necessary), we begin to stroll around... A certain kind of magic surrounds us, the way we move with no specific direction, under the rain, just to get the first grip/sense of the whole place...

As it gets dark, the music gets louder and the rain heavier...that does not mean a thing, since the hordes of people keep-on mingling and enjoying the drinks, the music and all sorts of happenings...till the early morning light!

After the first night, we accepted the fact that our wellies (rain boots) would become one with our feet for the following 3 days & nights, that we would enjoy great English food (honestly, the BEST festival food ever), drink fantastic chilled wine (and NOT beer!!!), but most of all; THE MUSIC!!! 

The moment you are in, there's no way out, you just want to absorb as much music as you can, from all 62 (!!!) different stages, that are spread all around the fields...IMPOSSIBLE, trust me we've tried!

You can wonder from stage to stage, check maybe the names you want to see, or better yet let your instincts (or your ears) guide you...

Baby strollers, hari krishnas, dancers, performers, people from all over the planet, all walking & dancing and smiling, like a huge hug, gathered in this energetic place of earth, become one for 3 days & nights...a magical and such peaceful feeling at the same time!

We saw people getting married backstage, a girl gave birth (!!!), others proposed to their girls between songs, etc.

A colourful and funky mixture of people of all ages, sexes, nationalities, lifestyles, faiths, fashion or music tastes! And NOT a single cool!

I can not really say a lot about the bands and the hundreds of musicians that we heard and saw...after the first day, it's ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, names like the Rolling Stones become just another band that you want to see, but at the end of the day, its just another band! And there are soooo many other names around there, playing at the same time that you simply loose control...!

Overall it is a beautiful musical madness, that is simply overwhelming!

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